Reformation Five Hundred Years 1517-2017

Rev. Kurt Reinhardt

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Reformation Five Hundred Years 1517-2017


  • Church Spring Clean-up2017-May-08 17:51

    Saturday, May 13 is our spring clean up day. We'll be starting at 9 am. All help is most appreciated as there will be inside and outside tasks to do.

  • Pastoral Update2017-Mar-31 01:12

    Pastor Reinhardt is recovering from a stroke. His health and strength are returning quickly and we praise God that we have him back in our midst! Pastor Saar can be reached at 519-323-4844 or

From the pastor ...

THE 3RD SUNDAY OF EASTER AD 20172017-04-30


The two men stood there looking sad … because things hadn't gone according to plan … according to their plan anyway. They had hoped that Jesus was the one to redeem Israel but their Chief Priests and Rulers had delivered Him up to be condemned to death. And it was now the third day since all these things had happened. Things had gone about as wrong as they possibly could go … as far as they could see.

I’d have to say that we know a thing or two about things not going according to plan … in the Reinhardt house these days. I’m sure it’s why I argued against calling 911 on that early Monday Morning a little over a month ago. A stroke wasn’t part of the plan … I ate well … exercised regularly … had perfect blood pressure … didn’t smoke or drink a lot … I couldn’t be having a stroke … not at my age. I had to get the garbage out … go get my passport renewed … get breakfast started … get ready for Holy Week …there was no room for a stroke in all of that … but it had happened and thankfully no one listened to me and they called the ambulance anyway.

No …life doesn’t always follow our plan … as I know many of you know all too well since I’ve walked down the road with you through those unexpected and hard times … as you also now have so lovingly walked down the road with me in these last few unexpected and hard weeks. The temptation of course when life goes off our plan is to hang our heads with the disciples on the road in sadness … to be heavy hearted about how things are turning out … to believe that things have gone about as wrong as they could possibly go … to believe that life has gone off plan … and so come to doubt the Planner.

But as the two disciples find out today we must not confuse our plans with the plan. Of course this is not so easy for sinners who have been deceived into wanting to be their own gods to do. Our plans seem like the better plan … the best plan … things should go the way that we think they should go … and when they don’t we can be left shaking our heads wondering what God is up to … or even questioning or doubting Him. Yes, we have plenty of plans don’t we? Plans of of how things should go in our lives … in the lives of others … in the life of Church … in the life of the world. And we can be left questioning and doubting in sadness when they don’t go the way the that we think that they should go. But the Lord Jesus in mercy speaks out to us with the other two sad faced disciples wherever such thoughts and doubts rule our hearts … “O foolish ones, so slow of heart to believe.

And then He directs us to the Father’s plan for us in Him … a plan that none of us could have imagined … because who among us would choose such a plan for ourselves … a plan that would cost the Planner so much … that would mean such sacrifice … such giving … such love. But this was indeed His plan for us … to give up His only begotten Son to suffer and die for poor miserable sinners like you and me so that we could have forgiveness and life in His name… so that we would not be lost or die in our sins but have life with Him and each other forever.

That we may not doubt this but believe it all the more the Lord Jesus is here as we two or three have gathered together in His name and He takes the bread and blesses it to be His body and takes the cup and blesses it to be His blood and gives it to us to eat and drink so that we might know the Father’s plan for us … for others … for the Church … the world … in Him. A plan for life in the love of God for all eternity. Here at the altar Jesus reveals Himself to us as the Risen One who has died that we might live. Here He shows us that no matter how far our lives may go off our plans God’s plan for us will never fail … because Christ has already fulfilled it.

As I have seen with so many of you dear ones as I have walked along beside you … even as I myself have now gone through it with you walking so kindly beside me … there are times … when our plans must be set aside so that God can carry out His plan. In these times the Lord invites us into the plan of Christ’s cross. These times are hard but blessed because of the One who stands on the road with us today … opening our hearts and minds to the truth of God’s plan for us in His Word and revealing the goal of that plan in this heavenly Communion where we and all the saints of the past … present and future join together with Christ in an eternal moment of life and love.

Yes sometimes our plans need to be laid aside for God’s plan … Christ lived this out to the fullest to grant repentance and forgiveness to Israel …to grant repentance and forgiveness to us. As my one doctor said to me one day, “We can ask why this happened to you … given all that you had done to keep it from happening.” I replied … “It happened for my repentance … that I might know that the Lord is God and be humbled before Him.” And he replied … “Well, He’s humbling us all through you.” Yes … I have no doubt that God asked me to set aside my plans that He might glorify His name through His plan for me in Christ.

And so beloved wherever your life may be or wherever it may go look on JESUS as He reveals God’s plan for you in His risen body and blood and hear and know and be encouraged in God’s promise to you in Him: “I know the plans I have for you, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Amen

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